JOIN Expansion

Reasons to Start a Chapter at Your School


1. To enhance networking opportunities

alpha Kappa Delta Phi currently has 52 chapters and thousands of sisters nationwide. There are thousands of networking opportunities across the nation!

2. To apply and develop leadership skills

Being in the sorority lets you participate in many leadership activities, whether it be holding a position on the executive board or within the Greek Community.


3. To become more culturally aware

Because Asian Awareness is one of the pillars supporting aKDPhi, we work hard to educate others about Asian culture. However, while we are an Asian-interest sorority, we are NOT Asian American exclusive!

4. To participate in community service

The sisters of aKDPhi are always seen volunteering at various events within their Universities and communities.

5. To allow for personal growth in dealing with a diverse group of women

aKDPhi surrounds you with a myriad of personalities, histories, and backgrounds. This great diversity allows you to learn from other women whom you might never have met!

6. To make the most of your college career through new experiences you can't receive anywhere else

The sorority offers you an experience that you can only have if you become a sister. The memories, experiences, and moments are something you carry with you your entire life.

7. To create friendships through sisterhood that will last a lifetime!


alpha Kappa Delta Phi is always interested in starting new chapters at schools across the nation. If you are looking to expand alpha Kappa Delta Phi at your university, please contact our Expansion Advisor, Diemmy Nguyen at